Vivo V9 Review

Every cellular company is inspired to create a model that stands a chance against the might Apple. Vivo being amongst one of such companies has always been said to be a look-alike of Apple in many ways. With the latest Vivo V9, it has in many ways proved this to be right be it the iPhone X resemblance notch or the vertical dual camera and an identical settings menu.
Vivo has always marketed their phones to possess the qualities of being the best in the business for their camera and their music. So, let us see how true this has remained with the review of the latest Vivo flagship product of the year- Vivo V9.

Features of the product/ Brand
The Vivo v9 like any other Vivo phone runs on the skin of a Fun Touch OS that is quite heavy and uses the Android Oreo to function. Like most Chinese phones it mimics the Apple features and does contain an App Trace hence all the apps are directly displayed on the screen.

The Ram management of the phone is much better than expected and helps apps functions smoothly. The phone is installed with a default browser that is quite slow to use and using any apps like Chrome for browsing also somehow leads back to the default browser which is quite a glitch.

The heavy Fun Touch OS skin restrains from being able to check the battery usage per app via statistics like other android phones. Hence, it is difficult to configure the amount of battery being used by each app installed on the phone. The battery life, however, is quite good and last for about a day and a half on a single charge. The screen that Vivo has provided is quite good, and the notch above the phone makes it look entirely inspired by the Apple X phone.
The notch at times is a headache since it keeps interrupting in between some apps. However, it is not that intrusive when it comes to other apps like Youtube. Given the excellent quality of the screen, it is surprising to see that the phone is pretty light weighted as opposed to popular thinking. The reason behind the same is that the back of the phone which gives the look of a glass is actually a plastic back making the phone light weighted to hold.

The positive thing here is that the phone would not crack if it were to fall down but with the price being charged for the phone Vivo should’ve gone for a better quality back for the phone. The phone has a dedicated slot allotted for the dual sims as promised by the company along with a slot for the micro SD card that can be inserted separately.
The phone runs on the Snapdragon 626 chipset which does not let the phone heat up quickly. The camera quality as said by Vivo has proved to be right with clear selfies across various modes available on the phone. However, the dual cameras of 16 MP and 5 MP prove to be suitable only for outdoor images whereas it does a less than okay job while clicking images in an indoor setting with artificial lights.

The phone does not provide a front facing LED light that is crucial to clicking images these days considering the various lightings around us.

The voice quality, too, of the phone, is quite clear and the speakers at the head of the phone provide for a good clear sound hearing. Apart from these, the phone has a really tiny yet a notification light on the notch of the phone.

1. The Ram management of the phone is excellent and can run many apps together without any disturbances.
2. The face unlock and the finger touch way of unlocking feature works smoothly on the phone.
3. The selfie camera is really good true to the word.

1. The sound quality of the phone could have been better with the additions like Dolby or surround sound since Vivo is promoting said phone as a music-centric one.
2. Vivo could have used a Snapdragon 630 or 636 at the pricing offered to enhance the experience of using this particular phone.
3. The phone does not support fast charging.
4. Vivo should’ve gone with the type C version of charging the phone whereas it is still using the USP port to charge the phone.
5. The phone does not contain dual speakers, and hence the effect of the music and videos played on the same are quite low.

Conclusion & Pricing
The phone is ideal for an individual solely looking for a selfie-centric phone. Also, it is good for people who are looking for a phone that replicates the iPhone in terms of looks and can live with the Fun Touch OS of the phone. It is priced at Rs. 23,000/- which is quite premium, unlike other companies. However, at this range, the company could go for better versions of parts installed on the phone for better usage.

Time needed: 1 hour and 1 minute.


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